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          Our Mission

          Equipping farmers to build resilient farms and communities.

          Attend the 2020 Annual Conference
          Fairfield, IA

          Francis Thicke’s dairy herd enjoys a lush, new pasture for evening grazing shortly after milking.

          Attend the 2020 Annual Conference


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          PFI Pre-conference Short Courses

          Scheman Building, Iowa State Center, Ames, IA

          PFI Annual Conference

          Scheman Building, Iowa State Center, Ames, IA

          PFI Office Closed


          Farminar- Organic Pest Control in Vegetable Crops



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          Our Programs

          Practical Farmers of Iowa works to equip farmers to build resilient farms and communities. Our values include: welcoming everyone; farmers leading the exchange of experience and knowledge; curiosity, creativity, collaboration and community; resilient farms now and for future generations; and stewardship of land and resources. Our programs are guided by the interests and priorities of our members.

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          Beginning FarmersLivestock
          FarmlandOn-Farm Research
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          What our friends & partners say

          “Breaking into farming is hard — and without support, impossible. Having the support of Practical Farmers of Iowa has enabled me to be a successful farmer.”

          Kate Edwards

          Iowa City, Iowa

          “Practical Farmers of Iowa is one of the most supportive organizations I have ever been a part of.”

          Rory Van Wyk

          Winterset, Iowa

          “You guys are SO useful… even from 1,000 miles away.”

          Ralph Gauer

          Silver City, New Mexico

          “The annual summer forage trial was interesting because it is directly useful for the management of our farm operation and because this type of project has not been well researched yet.”

          Dave Schmidt

          Exira, Iowa

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          Want to join our incredible community of innovative farmers, enlightened consumers and forward-thinking agricultural and environmental professionals?

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